Supercharger USA Blower Crank Hubs

When running a blown motor, there are two recommendations that will wand to consider.  First you must replace your stock cast iron harmonic balancer with a aftermarket balancer, fluid damper, or a steel crank hub.  Second, is we recommend machining a extra 1/4" keyway in the crankshaft snout (180 degrees from the stock keyway location).  Both of these recommendations will help keep your bottom end solid and also will keep you from splitting your stock balancer in half.

Our crank hubs are machined from heat treated 4100 series alloy steel.  All of our crank hubs are machined with 2 keyways, have the standard 2" pulley register, and are designed to handle the demands of a blown motor.  When using a crank hub in place of the stock balancer, the blower belt absorbs the harmonics and vibrations from the motor, much like a damper does.  A lot of time it comes down to personal preference in which one to use.  Some engine builders like the fact of having a aftermarket balancer and the blower belt absorbing any harmonics or vibrations.  

Supercharger USA configures our blower kits for an aftermarket balancer or will provide a crank hub in the kit.  Depending on what application your running and how the motor was built, will help you decide which one you should use with your motor.

If your motor is externally balanced, but you do not anticipate balancing the bottom end assembly, and your application is either street, street & strip, show, or marine, then an aftermarket balancer would be a safe way to go.

Internally balanced motors can run either a balancer or crank hub, regardless, due to the fact the crank hub is neutrally balanced. 

Aftermarket balancers and Fluid dampers are heavier than a crank hub.  In racing applications, we do recommend using a crank hub for your application, to help keep the additional weight off the crank snout.





3320 350 Chevy Crank Hub, Neutral Bal. $  86.03
3322 400 Chevy Crank Hub, External Bal. $227.73
3325 427 Chevy Crank Hub, Neutral Bal. $  86.03
3300 454 Chevy Crank Hub, External Bal. $160.92
3335 350 Chevy Crank Hub for a BBC snout $191.29
3340 390-460 Ford Crank Hub***Neutral Bal. $111.52
3345 318-440 Chrysler Crank Hub, Neutral Bal. $111.52
3350 331-392 Hemi Crank Hub, Neutral Bal. $194.67
3355 426 Hemi Crank Hub, Neutral Bal. $194.67
3360 400-455 Pontiac Crank Hub, External Bal. $160.92

Crank Hub Timing Degree Ring Kit

This unique timing degree wheel kit is designed to work with a blower crank hub.  The wheel is made of thin aluminum, with a standard 2" register,  and mounts in between the hub and V groove pulley(s).  The wheel has small markings every 1 degree and larger marks every 5 degrees.  The block mounted pointer is adjustable, so you can lock the pointer down right at TDC.

Prices are listed below.  You  can purchase this in a kit, or buy the pointer and wheel separately.

NOTE:  These degree rings are not made, nor are they necessary, for aftermarket balancers.  They are designed for use with a crank hub.





350 Chevy Timing Degree Kit $  99.63


454 Chevy Timing Degree Kit $  99.63


Timing Degree Wheel $  63.59


350 Chevy Adjustable Timing Pointer $  42.39


454 Chevy Adjustable Timing Pointer $  42.39


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